Passive Income Generation : A Basic Project to Start with

Published: 17th July 2006
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How to generate income on the internet is the million dollar question of the day. Over the past 3-4 years, internet users have been using the flexibility and anonymity of the Internet to generate sizable income. Many beginners want to know if there is a straight answer. After spending much time, effort, and money, they find out that there isn't a short answer, not to mention get rich scams, irritations, and unecessary riff-raffs.

However, people do make money on the internet and lots of it. The question is how to get on the bandwagon with the rest of the so-called internet gurus out there. Passive Income Generation is one method that I use and recommend to many people I know or get aquainted with. With PIG, you can always concentrate your efforts on your day job until your internet venture grows sufficiently and this perhaps is the most practicable approach. PIG is efficient and least time consuming for a budding entrepreneur on the internet. It is termed so because it will earn you money whether you are asleep or abroad, on the earth or on mars. Here is a hands-on example of how to start a PIG project. Starting by owning a simple website. Even a free one that a provider like Geocities or Lycos lets you build for free. If you are to make money, then 2 essentials need to be met -

  • The product/information that you sell on your website

  • The amount of traffic you get to your website

Each one is complimentary to the other and you cannot raise money with out anyone coming to your website, neither can you if you just have people visiting your site and they have nothing to do there. The bottom line is that you have to concentrate on both aspects.

I would start from your strengths. Say, for instance you work in a frozen-dinner factory - so you know everything about how a frozen dinner starts its life to it reaching the consumer's plate. Make a simple webpage that explains how frozen dinners are made, how they are packaged, what standards are met in preparation stages, etc. You should have about 9-10 pages of content with pictures and links to external sites that can give technical or related information. Make it look like a place you would come to if you wanted to know about frozen dinners.

Now, there isnt much to sell on your website. You have information that people will read and look at but, over all you've got nothing they're going to pay you money for. You're not likely to sell frozen dinners on your website, its probably easier and less cumbersome to buy it from the local store and that way they can also ensure quality. So how can you make money? You can put advertisements that pay you for everytime they are clicked. These are called Pay-Per-Click advertisements - some examples are Google Adsense, Yahoo Ads, MSN adcenter, Chitika, Clicksor, etc.Whenever you get a visitor they are likely to read your content and click on an advertisement that you have displayed in turn earning you money.

The best way you can get people to your site is to use the following strategies. Start a blog that belongs to a major search engine like Google or Yahoo, example blogspot and 360 respectively. Post a blurb every day relating to your theme and that has a link back to your web site. Exchange your website's link with other websites that are in a similar theme. You can write articles about your website and submit them to article directories. All of these will help you be picked up by a search engine soon. These practices will also help you make money over a long range of time.

Using the modest of math calculation, you would earn about $5.00-$6.00 every day, a month from this website alone, without you having to do anything after you get a regular stream of visitors every day. $5.00 isn't much a day and adds up to $1800 a year. This needs to be repeated atleast 10 times. $5.00 a day, you can easily purchase domain names, hosting, and even some content writers to put up your websites. Choose interesting themes, choosing a theme like cars or planes or something too broad will not draw in much traffic as you would be competing with ford and boeing.

The bottomline being Passive Income Generation needs to be done in large-scale. 1 or 2 sites will give you little money, but more importantly the much needed confidence. The real sticky part is picking the theme for which you can make a site that will bring you revenue. These are niche themes. Passive Income Generation is totally possible and with a little perseverance - you will succeed.

The Passive Income Machine automates all the above processes and does a whole lot more. It isnt too hard to make money, its just that not many people really know how. We also help you with niche themes and products. Learn more about Passive Income Generation by visiting us @

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